As a company which specialise in OEM business, we owned the advanced production equipment and technology. Our factory is locating in Shenzhen. We have the completed process of Material Planning, Incoming Quality Control, Semi-FG Inspection, FG Inspection, NPI, trial run and MP. It can guarantee the production to be achieved on time and properly.


To improve the production efficiency and quality, we’ve invested the equipment continuously in the past years. We have had High Pressure Punch, Heat Press machine, High-frequency machine, the Fusing machine, Punching machine, Stamping machine, Sewing machine, Computer-controlled Sewing machine and etc., which can meet the production requirement of most of the accessory of Electronic Consumer products.

Cut & Sew

We’ve set up a professional production line for Sewing products, configuring the Wrapping machine, Automatic Shearing machine, Stamping machine, Punching machine, Sewing machine and etc. This production line has passed the RoHS certified, we will only use the environmental protection materials, including the adhesive, it meets the standard of exporting to Europe and US.

Heat Bonding

Consequent on the popularity of Heat Press products, we’ve expanded our production line for this field, brought in the Heat Press machine, High-frequency machine, the Fusing machine, and etc. We’ve developed and produced more than 10 styles product as of today, and there are more designs in process at the moment and will begin the MP in the coming days.

Pack Out

We have set up a pack out production line to provide a more comprehensive service for client. As we also have abundant resources of packaging materials and based on the good performance of pack out process for the existing projects, more and more clients are assigning us to pack their finished goods in our facility.

Quality Control

Product Quality is the key foundation. We’ve set up the completed process of inspection of raw material, semi-FG and FG. A good management system is the guarantee of the production efficiency and quality.