Design & Development

We understood the significance of Design, so there is the professional Design Department when we carved out. After 4 years development, we are capable to provide the service to client from the Concept creation, Prototype, NPI and to MP. Our team is experienced in Design analysis, Product Design, Material choosing, Engineering Design and Prototype sample.


We are familiar with end user demand and marketing trend, can provide our client the valuable analysis report of both aspects. We have multiple resources to get the latest information of popular digital commodities. It’s helpful for the development and start MP of related accessories ahead of schedule, then the products could be launched on time, occupy the market allocation quickly.

Product Design

Along with the continuous improvement design of digital product design, the consumer is much interested in the related accessory design. A good design not only can make your product used convenient and funny, but also can decorate and beautify it, make it to be characteristic.


Material is the first sight of vision, touch and sense of smell, to choose a proper material is very importance for product design. We have abundant material resources of genuine leather, PU, Microfiber, Nylon, polyester and the other elegant, qualified and environment protection parts. Meanwhile, we are also good at providing the high end and premium materials based on the good and long term relationship with the US, Japan, Korea and Europe Suppliers.

Mechanical Design

Focusing on production these years, we are fully aware of the impacts of the product mechanical and technology design to the production realization and product quality. Our engineers will work together with the design team to optimize the product design based on their rich experiences. The good Engineering Design will improve the product appearance, function and quality much.

Sample & Prototype

We owned Laser machine, Heat Press machine, Stamping machine and kinds of Sewing machine in our RD department, which make the samples of stitching and heat press products. Our strategic partners have CNC, Wire Cutting machine, Milling machine, Lathe and 3 Dimensional Printer, which can make the samples for plastic, metal, wood, glass products and etc. The good relationship and network with our partners make us to be flexible and prompt to get the proper materials and components for sample making.

Technique & Craft

The prototype sample from us would be handled by our senior designer and skilled craftsman, the high awareness on the products and rich experience in practice make us to be capable to shorten the sample making cycle time, which can accelerate the development stage and begin the MP sooner.